Only 33% of employees feel engaged at work. Your team deserves better.

Join thought leaders and industry experts as we bring the Employee Experience Summit to the Twin Cities.

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM at Surly Brewing in Minneapolis.

Happy hour from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM with Surly Beer, Appetizers and Networking!

Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on employee engagement programs and over-the-top parties in hopes of creating a lasting impact for their teams.  However, recent research shows that only those organizations that focus on long-term employee experience reap the benefits that come with a more engaged workforce.

"Compared with other companies, the experiential organizations had more than four times the average profit and more than two times the average revenue." - The Employee Experience Advantage, Jacob Morgan (Wiley, 2017)

Together with Fusion Alliance and BI Worldwide, Structural is proud to help bring the successful eX Summit to the Twin Cities at Surly Brewing on October 3rd, 2017 for a half-day event.  Attendees will hear from industry leaders on creating world-class employee experiences to build a foundation for organizational success. 

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Scott Dorsey - Former CEO and Chairman of ExactTarget, now Managing Partner at High Alpha Venture Studio
"Building an Orange Culture" - Scott shares his challenges and successes building ExactTarget from 0 - 2,000 employees, and IPO, and ultimate acquisition by Salesforce for $2.5 Billion. The culture and employee experience was so strong it was branded "Orange." 

Photo of Rodd Wagner

Rodd Wagner - Forbes columnist, New York Times bestselling author, and Vice President Employee Engagement Strategy at BI Worldwide
“The 12 ingredients for working happier (and better)” - Rodd Wagner and team at BI Worldwide have been analyzing the responses of employees around the world to some provocative questions. Rodd will share the 12 elements that emerged, 12 elements that drive happiness and company performance.


Erin Hargrove, Senior Consultant for Human Resources Solutions at Salo LLC
“Aligning your corporate Strategy with your Human Strategy”There is an expectation for companies to get creative with how they recruit and retain talent as employee engagement affects the bottom line of every business. However, employee engagement doesn’t come easy or cheap. Erin Hargrove serves as a Senior Consultant for Human Resources Solutions at Salo, a Twin Cities based consulting firm that drives business outcomes in finance, accounting and human resources by strategically placing senior-level professionals on a project or interim basis.

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Miles Marmo, Director of Integrated Marketing at Agency Squid
“Aligning your corporate Strategy with your Human Strategy”There is an expectation for companies to get creative with how they recruit and retain talent as employee engagement affects the bottom line of every business. However, employee engagement doesn’t come easy or cheap. Miles is the Director of Integrated Marketing at Agency Squid, a strategic creative communications firm integrating traditional & digital strategies to build successful brands & businesses.

Photo of Scott Burns

SPEAKER: Scott Burns - 
CEO & co-founder at Structural, former CEO and co-founder at GovDelivery
"Unleash the potential of your people and teams." - Growing GovDelivery in St. Paul from 0-250 employees wasn't always easy. Now, as CEO of Structural in St. Paul, he shares his learnings on finding and fostering talent in your organization, engaging employees, and helping them succeed. 


Picture of Sophia Khan

PANELIST: Sophia Khan - Senior Director for Global Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement at Medtronic
Sophia currently leads the development of strategies for inclusion, diversity, and employee engagement for Medtronic. In collaboration with business leaders, she is responsible for ensuring an integrated approach to building a diverse talent pipeline and engaging its global workforce. In previous roles, Sophia was the VP, Organization Effectiveness & Development, & Global Strategic Diversity & Inclusion at Wells Fargo. Before that, she served as Senior Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Manager for 3M Company. 


Picture of Clare Jacky

PANELIST: Clare Jacky - People & Culture Partner at Leadpages
Clare Jacky (she/her) is the People & Culture Partner at local SaaS start-up, Leadpages. She serves as co-chair of the organization’s Diversity and Inclusion Group (DIG). DIG seeks to learn and elevate through training, programming, and content creation, working towards a more just and inclusive work culture, community, and tech space. 

Picture of John Hardy

PANELIST: John Hardy - Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Best Buy
John currently drives Best Buy's Diversity & Inclusion efforts, partnering with leaders across the organization to create sustainable strategies for recruiting, developing, engaging, & retaining diverse leaders across the enterprise. Prior to his work in D&I, he was a member of the supply chain business team, partnering with the world's leading home computing companies to supply electronics to over 1,000 Best Buy stores nationwide.   John coordinated the inventory strategy of nearly 100 computing products, managing annual budgets between $250-500 million.

Picture of Mary Selke

SPEAKER: Mary Selke-  Executive Director of Surly Gives a Damn at Surly Brewing Company
“The Goat Rodeo: Leading your Business Through Chaos” - Mary is an Executive Director who engages the craft beer community to lend a hand & give back. Mary has garnered a wealth of knowledge creating partnerships with organizations that have a direct impact on the environment, health and human services, education, & the arts. For her work in these areas you will find the People Incorporated Community Partnership Award & the Memorial Blood Center Community Sponsor of the Year Award sitting on her mantle.  When she is not trying to save the world one beer at a time, she is outside running, biking or watching her kids play whatever sport is in season.

Picture of J. Forrest

SPEAKER: J. Forrest - Owner/Principal Consultant at Employee Strategies 
“The Goat Rodeo: Leading your Business Through Chaos” - With over 20 years of experience in HR organization development, J. Forrest and Employee Strategies strive to create great places to work with performance improvement consulting services. In 2011, J. founded Alignamite, a web-based performance management system built to help reinforce organizations' values. Employee Strategies and Alignamite are now ‘sister companies’ that work together to deliver stronger corporate identities and improved work environments. Prior to Employee Strategies, J. served as Project Manager: Business Planning, Evaluation and Employee Experience for Xcel Energy.

Stephan Vincent eX Summit

Stephan Vincent - eX Summit and eX Podcast founder, and Director of Marketing at Fusion Alliance

eX Summit Kickoff - Stephan founded the eX Summit to create opportunities to debate, discuss, and share best practices on components that strengthen company culture. As Director of Marketing at Fusion Alliance, Stephan and his team deliver human-driven technologies that transform the way clients shape their businesses. 


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