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Structural connects leading organizations with internal expertise and strategic resources to accelerate sales.

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Improve Productivity
Match the right person with the opportunities and markets based on experience, education, and aptitude.
Motivate Effectively
Coach employees based on unique motivations, and ensure incentives drive optimal performance.
Support Customer Success
Build rich profiles for all people at your organization, giving you insight into individual interests, personalities, experience and more -- ensuring you find the best match for your clients.
Develop the Next Generation of Sales Leaders
Identify opportunities for individuals to lead projects and take on new challenges based on career goals, education, personality traits, and past performance.

Powerful insights at your fingertips. 

Bring your best talent together to solve critical challenges and support your growing customer base.
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How it Works


Step 1

Structural captures internal data on skills, interests, experience and more, and creates personalized internal profiles.

Step 2

Users receive instant, mobile-ready access to team insights, communication tools, and strategic resources.

Step 3

Leverage the full scope of your team's expertise, allowing them to close deals faster and ensure long-term customer success.

Does your sales team have access to your strategic resources?

Monthly searches performed in Structural to find internal talent and critical expertise.
Sales leaders utilizing Structural to match internal talent with strategic projects. 
Higher profitability per employee when orgs focus on improved employee experiences.

Sales Leaders Love Structural

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“The ability to search for people and filter based on their experience and skills has helped us retain referrals and new business opportunities.”
Steve Humke, Managing Partner
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“Structural’s deep search tools help us locate the best talent for each client engagement. In our industry, we need to move quickly and communicate flawlessly, and Structural makes that possible.”
Kathy Tunheim, Principal + CEO
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