What's possible when you truly know your people? Anything.

Never miss an opportunity to match the right people on your team with the right projects. Our most popular plan allows organizations to build stronger teams & drive increased productivity.

  • Create a complete view of each member of your team with skills, interests, experience, and personality data.
  • Activate talent by finding talent and creating team instantly, matching the right people with your most critical projects. 

  • Communicate with precision based on employees' location, skills, experience, and more. 

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As Mobile as Your Workforce

Download the Structural app from the Apple Store of Google Play, or access the platform from any tablet or desktop computer. 


Powerful Features

Use Structural's built-in search, engagement and communication tools to instantly recognize, motivate, and empower your people and teams. 


Supports Modern Employee Experiences

Robust communication and engagement features paired with machine learning help leaders manage better, and allow employees to do their best work. 

Carlie Oakley

VP of Marketing and Brand Excellence, Eight Eleven Group

Carlie Oakley.jpg

"As we grew, we needed a way to stay connected and drive performance on our expanding teams. Structural is a place for all the data that we used to keep in our heads when we were small."

Debra Jones,

CEO, Performant Solutions


“Structural’s rich profiles and mobile access will enable us to communicate in a dynamic and personalized way with employees across the country.”

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Get access to your critical people insights, no data science degree required. Structural was built with your team in mind. Ready to learn more? 

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