Structural On-Demand Webinar

What makes high-performance organizations different from their competitors? They likely haven’t just gotten lucky by hiring a few visionaries, creating the perfect leadership team, or offering free beer on Friday. They’ve created an environment that can foster consistent, repeatable results, and have solidified a strategy that inspires excellence. But most importantly, they’ve taken steps to unleash the potential of their employees, and empower them to do their best work everyday.

By enabling employees and creating environments where they can succeed, organizations are creating high-performance teams, capable of producing industry-leading business outcomes.

In this webinar, co-hosted by Structural and Performant Solutions, attendees will learn:

  • What separates high performance organizations from ordinary organizations
  • How employee success plays a role in creating a high-performance organization
  • How HR teams support success throughout the employee journey
  • Proactive steps to take to move toward a high-performance culture

Download the slides or watch the full webinar below: 


ChipCirlce.pngChip House, COO, Structural

After over two decades in B2B marketing leadership roles, Chip experienced first-hand the need to connect leaders with the tools they needed to find, engage and retain talent. In 2017, Chip  Co-Founded Structural, whose Employee Success Platform enables real-time, mobile access to employee data. Prior to Structural, he served as Vice President of Industry & Relationship Marketing at ExactTarget, now the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Chip also served as Chief Marketing Officer at Minneapolis-based Four51 and as Senior Director of Marketing for Digital River. Chip holds a degree in Economics and Management from St. Olaf College in Minnesota, as well as marketing MBA coursework from St. Thomas University in Minneapolis.


Debra Jones, - CEO, Performant Solutions

Debra Jones, CEO and lead consultant, believes business results are attained largely by effectively engaging and leveraging human capital with the right tools, training and coaching. That belief, along with her passion for developing high performance organizations and leaders, led her to establish Performant Solutions, LLC. Based in Indianapolis, she serves clients in a variety of industries including software, higher education, manufacturing, insurance, services, health care and non-profit.