Structural Webinar

The Future of Employee Experience: 7 Trends to Watch in 2018

Wednesday, Feb. 7th
12pm CST
Chip House, Structural
Carlie Oakley, Eight Eleven Group

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2018/02/07 12:00 PM CST

Attendees will learn:

Why Employee Expectations Are Shifting

With only 30% of US employees reporting feeling actively engaged at work, it’s clear that 2018 presents an opportunity for organizations to do more to optimize employee experiences.

You'll learn how employee expectations are changing as remote work, mobile technology, and distributed teams becoming increasingly prevalent.

How Employers Will Adapt To a Changing Workplace

Most leaders now recognize that many traditional methods of incentivization, motivation, enablement, and recognition aren’t working for modern employees.

We'll cover emerging trends in technology, culture, and work environments that will continue to shape employee experiences in 2018.

Why Employee Experience Strategy is Critical for Growth in 2018

Leaders will need to ensure their employees they plan to stay with the organization, develop their skills, and increase productivity in the coming year. 

Learn how to implement successful employee experience strategies to retain and empower your top performers.

About The Hosts

Chip House
COO and Co-founder, Structural
After over two decades in B2B marketing leadership roles, Chip experienced first-hand the need to connect leaders with the tools they needed to find, engage and retain talent. In 2017, Chip Co-Founded Structural, whose Employee Success Platform enables real-time, mobile access to employee data. Prior to Structural, he served as Vice President of Industry & Relationship Marketing at ExactTarget, now the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Chip also served as Chief Marketing Officer at Minneapolis-based Four51 and as Senior Director of Marketing for Digital River. Chip holds a degree in Economics and Management from St. Olaf College in Minnesota, as well as marketing MBA coursework from St. Thomas University in Minneapolis.
Carlie Oakley
VP Marketing and Brand Excellence
Carlie leads marketing, brand strategy, and corporate communications at Eight Eleven Group, a full-service staffing and consulting organization headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. With more than a decade of experience cultivating strong relationships with Eight Eleven Group's internal talent and external clients, Carlie is a champion of employee experience and brand excellence across Eight Eleven's more than 20 offices in 18 states. Carlie holds a degree in Public Relations and Communication from Purdue University.
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